"Becky" is Now Available Here Digital Download

Horror lovers can click the hashtag below to download the latest in #horrorandhigh with Becky*

This twisted take on Jekyll and Hyde follows the chaos caused by a bloodthirsty white woman who takes over a black man's body. 

*Film contains some scenes of strong violence, language, some terror and nudity 


I already have Netflix, Shudder, Hulu...why do I need another place to get my horror movies?                                                                                          

While those are great platforms, they don't listen to or really care with their fans think. Fans of Frightbox always responds to fans through Facebook and Instagram as well as at our live screenings. Instead of going to some faceless shareholder, very dollar you spend with Frightbox goes to make the next movie for our fans to enjoy. 

Okay, so what else makes Frightbox so special?                                              

Not only does Frightbox listen and respond to the fans, but we make our movies with regular people in mind. While other horror filmmakers are caught up in film fests and after parties, we choose to focus on the People through stories that relate to the everyday lives of the fans we serve

What exactly is #horrorandhigh?                                                                     

 #horrorandhigh is the culture at Frightbox. We don't believe in petty Hollywood squabbles or trying to impress some critic or blogger. Our love is for the People and we would much rather kick back and enjoy a good horror story instead of making moves in the name of clout.