#Horrorandhigh Is How Frightbox Wins With Grassroots Horror

There's no shortage of horror movies today. With Hollywood seemingly rediscovering the genre, it's easy to ask how independent horror makers can break through the crowd. Frightbox has a simple idea: "Get High, Watch Horror"


It's the reason the horror label is hosting an exclusive free screening of it's movie "Becky" at Denver's first marijuana lounge, The Coffee Joint, in Denver October 19th. 

"Places like Netflix and Hulu are great for horror, but they never reach out to the fans," said Frightbox founder, Lane Fobbs "the cool thing about being independent like us is we're able to talk directly with horror lovers and host screenings and Q&As at cool places like The Coffee Joint. Come out, get high, watch horror." 

 Fans can watch the trailer for "Becky" below or click #horrorandhigh for more info